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What's Happening?

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Detention Pond Cleanup on Brentwood Drive

Many of you have noticed that there has been quite a bit of work being done to the detention pond on Brentwood Drive that is part of the common area of Honey Creek Meadows subdivision.

This work is being performed after the Village contacted the HCMA Board of Directors and directed us to clear the trees and drainage areas due to violations in ordinances.

A separate account fund is being created to accrue money over the next several years for maintenance and reconstruction of the detention pond. The average life of a detention pond is 20 years. Our detention pond on Brentwood Drive is approxiatley 10 years old. Next year, when more funds are available, silt will be removed and replaced with crushed rock.

For more information on Detention Ponds and why this work is being performed, an excellent pdf document can be found at The Rouge River Project at this link.

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