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  • Can I store my garbage cans outside?   Answer: No. Please store your garbage cans in your garage except on garbage day, which is usually Wednesday.
        The HCMA by-laws specifically address this issue in ARTICLE VI, Section 3, d. Refuse and Garbage: "Each owner shall promptly dispose of all refuse and garbage so that it will not be objectionable
        or visible to adjacent owners. No outside storage of refuse or garbage or outside incinerator shall be permitted."
  • Can i keep my garage door open all day long?
  •    Answer: No. This is both from a safety and aesthetics stand point.
        Please review the HCMA by-laws regarding restrictions.
        Specifically, ARTICLE VI, Section 1, b. Garages: "... For security and aesthetic reasons, garage doors will be kept closed at all times except as may be reasonably necessary to gain access to and
        from any garage.
  • I'd like to build a shed in my back yard. Do I need permission?
  •    Answer: Yes. You must submit written plans and specifications to the Homeowner's Association Board.
        Please review the HCMA by-laws regarding restrictions.
        Specifically, ARTICLE VI, Section 3, d. Accessory Buildings: "Notwithstanding the Developer's, or the Association's approval, such structures shall be architecturally compatible
        with the main residence, be constructed of similar materials on a concrete slab with a rat wall and shall not exceed 200 square feet in size.

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